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    az mohabbat talḳh-hā shīrīñ shavad

    vaz mohabbat miss-hā zarrīñ shavad

    az mohabbat durd-hā saafī shavad

    vaz mohabbat dard-hā shāfī shavad

    az mohabbat ḳhār-hā gul mī-shavad

    vaz mohabbat sirkā-hā mul mī-shavad

    az mohabbat daar taḳhte mī-shavad

    vaz mohabbat baar baḳhte mī-shavad

    az mohabbat sijn gulshan mī-shavad

    be-mohabbat rauza gulḳhan mī-shavad

    az mohabbat naar nuure mī-shavad

    az mohabbat dev huure mī-shavad

    az mohabbat sañg roġhan mī-shavad

    be-mohabbat mom aahan mī-shavad

    az mohabbat huzn shādī mī-shavad

    vaz mohabbat gul haadī mī-shavad

    az mohabbat niish noshe mī-shavad

    vaz mohabbat sher mūshe mī-shavad

    az mohabbat saqm sehat mī-shavad

    vaz mohabbat qahr rahmat mī-shavad

    az mohabbat murda zinda mī-shavad

    vaz mohabbat shaah banda mī-shavad

    iiñ mohabbat ham natīja-e-dānish ast

    kai gajāfā bar chunīñ taḳhta nashist

    dānishe nāqis kujā iiñ ishq-zād

    ishq zāyad nāqis ammā bar jamād

    az mohabbat talKH-ha shirin shawad

    waz mohabbat miss-ha zarrin shawad

    az mohabbat durd-ha safi shawad

    waz mohabbat dard-ha shafi shawad

    az mohabbat KHar-ha gul mi-shawad

    waz mohabbat sirka-ha mul mi-shawad

    az mohabbat dar taKHte mi-shawad

    waz mohabbat bar baKHte mi-shawad

    az mohabbat sijn gulshan mi-shawad

    be-mohabbat rauza gulKHan mi-shawad

    az mohabbat nar nure mi-shawad

    az mohabbat dew hure mi-shawad

    az mohabbat sang roghan mi-shawad

    be-mohabbat mom aahan mi-shawad

    az mohabbat huzn shadi mi-shawad

    waz mohabbat gul hadi mi-shawad

    az mohabbat nish noshe mi-shawad

    waz mohabbat sher mushe mi-shawad

    az mohabbat saqm sehat mi-shawad

    waz mohabbat qahr rahmat mi-shawad

    az mohabbat murda zinda mi-shawad

    waz mohabbat shah banda mi-shawad

    in mohabbat hum natija-e-danish ast

    kai gajafa bar chunin taKHta nashist

    danishe naqis kuja in ishq-zad

    ishq zayad naqis amma bar jamad


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