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Sant Vani

Sant Vani, literally translated as the sayings of the Saints, uses rhyming couplets to put together poems of spiritual teachings. While some forms are known like doha, shabad etc, there are still others yet to be known and appreciated. The section complies some of the most elegant poems that will definitely prove to be food for your soul.



Read and Enjoy best collection of Dohe, Dohe by famous Poets Kabir, Rahim, Bihari and Barkatullah Pemi

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Read and enjoy a large collection of pad by famous sufi poets. Pad by Meera Bai, Dadu Saheb and many more!

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A large collection Shabad by famous poets, shabad of Meera Bai, Bulleh Shah and guru Nanak Dev Ji

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The poetic genre from Awadh and Braj which is a form of Doha, but with a 'Siikh' or lesson of faith enclosed.

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Baul Gaan

Baul Gaan collection by famous poets. Find Baul Gaan by Deen Sudhir, Gagan Harkara and many more.

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