har rang ma har waris piya

Nadim Shah Warsi

har rang ma har waris piya

Nadim Shah Warsi

MORE BYNadim Shah Warsi

    har rañg har vāris piyā

    aapoī masjid aapoī maulnā aapoī baañg pukārā

    aapoī baiTh ke baañg sunāve aapoī sunan-hārā

    aapoī debī aapoī devtā aapoī Thākur-davārā

    aapoī panDit aapoī patrā aapoī bed-bichārā

    aapoī kunjī aapoī taalā aapoī kholan-hārā

    aapoī pūñjī aapoī bhanDāra aapoī hai rakhvārā

    aapoī raat raat divas hai aapoī aapoī sāñjh-sakārā

    aapoī ghaḌhī-pahar hai aapoī aapoī gajar-ghaḌiyārā

    aapoī nayyā aapoī naarā aapoī samundar-āpārā

    aapoī bohat aap khoyā aapoī utare paarā

    aapoī surāhī aapoī pyāla aapoī hai kalvārā

    aapoī madhvā aapoī piive aapoī matvārā

    aapoī sāñvar aapoī gorā aapoī ruup ujiyārā

    'nādim' aapan uupar mohā aapoī mohini Daarā

    har rang ma har waris piya

    aapoi masjid aapoi maulna aapoi bang pukara

    aapoi baiTh ke bang sunawe aapoi sunan-haara

    aapoi debi aapoi dewta aapoi Thakur-dawara

    aapoi panDit aapoi patra aapoi bed-bichaara

    aapoi kunji aapoi tala aapoi kholan-haara

    aapoi punji aapoi bhanDara aapoi hai rakhwara

    aapoi raat raat diwas hai aapoi aapoi sanjh-sakara

    aapoi ghaDhi-pahar hai aapoi aapoi gajar-ghaDiyara

    aapoi nayya aapoi nara aapoi samundar-apara

    aapoi bohat aap khoya aapoi utare para

    aapoi surahi aapoi pyala aapoi hai kalwara

    aapoi madhwa aapoi piwe aapoi matwara

    aapoi sanwar aapoi gora aapoi rup ujiyara

    'nadim' aapan upar moha aapoi mohini Dara

    Source :
    • Book : Yadgar-e-Nadim
    • Author : Rahim Shah Warsi 'Nadim'
    • Publication : Matba Mujtai, Lucknow

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