chhan pal ghaDi nis din tum pyare

Shah Kazim Qalandar

chhan pal ghaDi nis din tum pyare

Shah Kazim Qalandar

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    chhan pal ghaḌī nis din tum pyāre

    bane raho jiv aage more

    sumirān tor chhuTe na mose

    kabhī so.e aur jaage more

    niikī niikī chhav bhalī bhalī aanan teñ

    sadā raho sañg laage more

    kahā hot jag lipTe soñ

    hot hai jag tyāge more

    un kab kirpā bin 'kāzim'

    niike hoñ gun naage more

    chhan pal ghaDi nis din tum pyare

    bane raho jiw aage more

    sumiran tor chhuTe na mose

    kabhi soe aur jage more

    niki niki chhaw bhali bhali aanan ten

    sada raho sang lage more

    kaha hot jag ma lipTe son

    hot hai ka jag tyage more

    un ki kab kirpa bin 'kazim'

    nike hon gun nage more


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