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granth kaya beli - kaya mahain taranhaar

Dadu Dayal

granth kaya beli - kaya mahain taranhaar

Dadu Dayal

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    kaayā māhaiñ tāranhār

    kaayā māhaiñ utrai paar

    kaayā māhaiñ dūtar tārai

    kaayā māhaiñ aap uvārai

    kaayā māhaiñ dūrati tirai

    kaayā māhaiñ hoi udhrai

    kaayā māhaiñ nipjai aa.i

    kaayā māhaiñ rahai samā.i

    kaayā māhaiñ khulai kapāT

    kaayā māhaiñ niranjan haaT

    kaayā māhaiñ hai dīdār

    kaayā māhaiñ dekhanhār

    kaayā māhaiñ raam rañg raate

    kaayā māhaiñ prem ras maate

    kaayā māhaiñ abichal bhaye

    kaayā māhaiñ nihchal rahe

    kaayā māhaiñ jīvai jiiv

    kaayā māhaiñ paayā piiv

    kaayā māhaiñ sadā anand

    kaayā māhaiñ paramānand

    kaayā māhaiñ kusal hai so ham dekhā aa.i

    'dādū' gurmukh pā۔iye saadh kahiañ samjhā.i

    kaya mahain taranhaar

    kaya mahain utrai par

    kaya mahain dutar tarai

    kaya mahain aap uwarai

    kaya mahain durati tirai

    kaya mahain hoi udhrai

    kaya mahain nipjai aai

    kaya mahain rahai samai

    kaya mahain khulai kapaT

    kaya mahain niranjan haT

    kaya mahain hai didar

    kaya mahain dekhanhaar

    kaya mahain ram rang raate

    kaya mahain prem ras mate

    kaya mahain abichal bhaye

    kaya mahain nihchal rahe

    kaya mahain jiwai jiw

    kaya mahain paya piw

    kaya mahain sada anand

    kaya mahain paramanand

    kaya mahain kusal hai so hum dekha aai

    'dadu' gurmukh pa۔iye sadh kahian samjhai


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