granth kaya beli - kaya mahain bishmi baat

Dadu Dayal

granth kaya beli - kaya mahain bishmi baat

Dadu Dayal

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    kaayā māhaiñ bishmī baaT

    kaayā māhaiñ aughaT ghaaT

    kaayā māhaiñ paTTan gaañv

    kaayā māhaiñ uttim Thāñv

    kaayā māhaiñ manDap chhājai

    kaayā māhaiñ aap birājai

    kaayā māhaiñ mahal avaas

    kaayā māhaiñ nihchal baas

    kaayā māhaiñ raaj duvār

    kaayā māhaiñ bolanahār

    kaayā māhaiñ bhare bhanDār

    kaayā māhaiñ bastu apaar

    kaayā māhaiñ nau nidhi hoi

    kaayā māhaiñ aTh sidhi soi

    kaayā māhaiñ hiirā saal

    kaayā māhaiñ nipjai laal

    kaayā māhaiñ mānik bhare

    kaayā māhaiñ le le dhare

    kaayā māhaiñ ratan amol

    kaayā māhaiñ mol na tol

    kaayā māhaiñ kartār hai so nidhi jānai nāhiñ

    'dādū' gurmukh pā۔iye sab kuchh kaayā māhiñ

    kaya mahain bishmi baT

    kaya mahain aughaT ghaT

    kaya mahain paTTan ganw

    kaya mahain uttim Thanw

    kaya mahain manDap chhajai

    kaya mahain aap birajai

    kaya mahain mahal awas

    kaya mahain nihchal bas

    kaya mahain raj duwar

    kaya mahain bolanahaar

    kaya mahain bhare bhanDar

    kaya mahain bastu apar

    kaya mahain nau nidhi hoi

    kaya mahain aTh sidhi soi

    kaya mahain hira sal

    kaya mahain nipjai lal

    kaya mahain manik bhare

    kaya mahain le le dhare

    kaya mahain ratan amol

    kaya mahain mol na tol

    kaya mahain kartar hai so nidhi jaanai nahin

    'dadu' gurmukh pa۔iye sab kuchh kaya mahin


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