granth kaya beli - kaya mahain anbhai sar

Dadu Dayal

granth kaya beli - kaya mahain anbhai sar

Dadu Dayal

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    kaayā māhaiñ anbhe saar

    kaayā māhaiñ krai bichār

    kaayā māhaiñ upje gyaan

    kaayā māhaiñ lāgai dhyān

    kaayā māhaiñ amar asthān

    kaayā māhaiñ aatm raam

    kaayā māhaiñ kalā anek

    kaayā māhaiñ kartā ek

    kaayā māhaiñ lāgai rañg

    kaayā māhaiñ saañī sañg

    kaayā māhaiñ server tiir

    kaayā māhaiñ kokil kiir

    kaayā māhaiñ kachchhab nain

    kaayā māhaiñ kunjī bain

    kaayā māhaiñ kañval prkās

    kaayā māhaiñ madhūkar baas

    kaayā māhaiñ naad kurañg

    kaayā māhaiñ joti patañg

    kaayā māhaiñ chātarg mor

    maaya māhaiñ chand chakor

    kaayā māhaiñ pritī kari

    kaayā māhiñ saneh

    kaayā māhaiñ prem ras

    'dādū' gur-mukh yeh

    kaya mahain anbhe sar

    kaya mahain krai bichaar

    kaya mahain upje gyan

    kaya mahain lagai dhyan

    kaya mahain amar asthan

    kaya mahain aatm ram

    kaya mahain kala anek

    kaya mahain karta ek

    kaya mahain lagai rang

    kaya mahain sani sang

    kaya mahain serwer tir

    kaya mahain kokil kir

    kaya mahain kachchhab nain

    kaya mahain kunji bain

    kaya mahain kanwal prkas

    kaya mahain madhukar bas

    kaya mahain nad kurang

    kaya mahain joti patang

    kaya mahain chatarg mor

    maya mahain chand chakor

    kaya mahain priti kari

    kaya mahin saneh

    kaya mahain prem ras

    'dadu' gur-mukh yeh


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