granth kaya beli - kaya mahain dekhya nur

Dadu Saheb

granth kaya beli - kaya mahain dekhya nur

Dadu Saheb

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    kaayā māhaiñ dekhyā nuur

    kaayā māhaiñ rahiyā bharpūr

    kaayā māhaiñ paayā tej

    kaayā māhaiñ sundar sej

    kaayā māhaiñ punj prkās

    kaayā māhaiñ sadā ujaas

    kaayā māhaiñ jhili-mili saarā

    kaayā māhaiñ sab thaiñ nyārā

    kaayā māhaiñ joti anant

    kaayā māhaiñ sadā basant

    kaayā maahe khelai phaag

    kaayā māhaiñ sab ban baag

    kaayā māhaiñ khelai raas

    kaayā māhaiñ bibidh bisāl

    kaayā māhaiñ bājeñ baaje

    kaayā māhaiñ naad dhunī saaje

    kaayā māhaiñ sej suhāg

    kaayā māhaiñ moTe bhaag

    kaayā māhaiñ mañgal-chār

    kaayā māhaiñ jaijai-kār

    kaayā aagam agādh hai māhaiñ tuur bajāi

    'dādū' pargaT piv milyā murmukhi rahe samāi

    kaya mahain dekhya nur

    kaya mahain rahiya bharpur

    kaya mahain paya tej

    kaya mahain sundar sej

    kaya mahain punj prkas

    kaya mahain sada ujas

    kaya mahain jhili-mili sara

    kaya mahain sab thain nyara

    kaya mahain joti anant

    kaya mahain sada basant

    kaya mahe khelai phag

    kaya mahain sab ban bag

    kaya mahain khelai ras

    kaya mahain bibidh bisal

    kaya mahain bajen baje

    kaya mahain nad dhuni saje

    kaya mahain sej suhag

    kaya mahain moTe bhag

    kaya mahain mangal-chaar

    kaya mahain jaijai-kar

    kaya aagam agadh hai mahain tur bajai

    'dadu' pargaT piw milya murmukhi rahe samai


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