Ahmad Hansvi

1187 - 1260 | Pakpattan, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Ahmad'

Real Name : Jamaluddin Ahmad

Born :Ghazni

Died : Hansi, Haryana, India

Sheikh Jamal-ud-Din Ahmad Hansvi was among the beloved students of Khawaja Farid-ud-Din Masood Ganj-e-Shukar. He was born in Ghazni (Khorasan) which is in present day Afghanistan. His family migrated to Hansi in Haryana, India. His genealogy goes back to Imam Azam Abu Hanifa Nu'man bin Thabit. He is said to have been the real cousin of Buali Shah Qalandar Panipati. Farid al-Din paid so much attention to his spiritual training that he himself stayed in Hansi for twelve years. He used to say in Jamal’s favor that," Sheikh Jamal Jamal-e-Maast". Many of his writings are found in sermons, among whom one is composed in elegant Arabic, titled ‘Mulhamat’. He was a great scholar, Sufi, and had an innate bent for literature and poetry. He passed away on 30 Rabi-ul-Awal 659 AH, and is laid to rest in Kamzar Hansi. Baba Farid was very kind to him.

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