Young Sufi Poets

1995 Patna

Son of the Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Balkhia Firdausia, Fatuha

Among the finest poets of the Abulolaiya Jaha'ngiria Sufi Order, and works for the dissemination of Sufi tradition in Goa.

1954 Delhi

Delhi-based poet, once associated with All India Radio's Persian service

Associated with the Astana Hazrat Qamruddin Abulolai, Hyderabad

1947 Gaya

Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Karimia, Bitho Sharif, and popular as a poet

1972 Gujar Khan

A renowned scholar of the Indian subcontinent, and patron of Makhdooma Amir Jan Library, Natrali

Up and coming poet from Islamabad whose poetry abounds in beauty, love, Sufistic and moral tropes.

1946 Bhojpur

Son of Noor Nuhi and patron of Bazm-e-Noor, Ara

1965 Sargodha

Leading Pakistani researcher, writer and poet and President of Punjab University (Lahore)

1979 Malegaon

Contemporary scholar holding a distinguished position in poetry and literature and religious historical research, and specializes in Na'tia literature.

Younger brother of the Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Balkhia Firdausia, Fatuha. Numbered among the most learned individuals

An eminent researcher, intellectual and Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Serajia, Banaras

Patron of the Maneri Foundation and connoisseur of Sufism

Among the most original Na't-reciters of the modern times

1987 Patna

Former Deputy Editor of the daily Inquilab, Patna

The poet who famously wrote "Jaanam Fida-e-Haidari"

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