Poets/Writers From Maharashtra

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Altaf Ahmad Azad

1871 - 1942

Anwar Farrukhabadi also known as "Fana", was a Sufi poet from Farrukhabad. He is known as a lyricist of Ghazal, songs, poems and Qawwali.

Aqil Khan Razi

1614 - 1696

Bhimsen Joshi

1922 - 2011


1548 - 1599

Famous Marathi saint, scholar and religious poet, noted for his abhanga which is still sung by Marathi speaking people of India

Hafiz Malegaonvi

1911 - 1989

Jagjit Singh

1941 - 2011

Contemporary scholar holding a distinguished position in poetry and literature and religious historical research, and specializes in Na'tia literature.

A poet and saint from Maharashtra, also known as Bhagat Namdev.

Rind Lakhnavi

1797 - 1857

Safi Aurangabadi

1893 - 1954

Among the truly great poets of the Deccan.

Shakeel Badayuni

1916 - 1970

Prominent scholar, columnist, poet and critic.

A great 17th century saint and poet who was an important part of the long-running Bhakti movement.

Turfa Qureshi

1913 - 1981

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