Bulleh Shah's Photo'

Bulleh Shah

1680 - 1757 | Kasur, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Bulleh'

Real Name : Abdullah

Born :Uch, Punjab

Died : Punjab, Pakistan

One of the leading Sufi saints of Punjab. In his works, Punjabi Sufism reached its peak. Sufism and Vedantic ideas are imbued in his poems. His real name was Abdullah, and was born in Pandok village of Kasur district of Lahore. After receiving primary education in Kasur under the supervision of Maulvi Gulam Murtaza, he went to Lahore and was acquainted with Shah Inayat Qadri Shattari. Later Shah Inayat appointed him as their caliph. His dargah is in Kasur where every year a fair is organized on Urs.

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