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Bulleh Shah

1680 - 1757 | Kasur, Pakistan

Famous Punjabi Sufi poet who still feels contemporary.

Famous Punjabi Sufi poet who still feels contemporary.

Profile of Bulleh Shah

Pen Name : 'Bulleh'

Real Name : Abdullah

Born :Uch, Punjab

Died : Punjab, Pakistan

In a booklet by CF Osborne entitled "Bulleh Shah" the year of Balha Shah's death is stated as 1680. Bulleh Shah's father Sakhi Shah Muhammad Darvesh had left the village of Och Gilanian due to his domestic circumstances. At that time, Bulleh Shah was only six years old and had settled in Malikwal area. While staying in a key mosque there, Shah Muhammad Darvesh took over the responsibilities related to the mosque and also arranged education and training. It was in this mosque that Bulleh Shah began to acquire early knowledge from his father. He also used to graze cattle in the village. There is no authentic reference as to where Shah Muhammad Darvesh's ancestors came from but Faqir Muhammad Faqir states that Balha was born in the family of Shah Bukhari Sadat. Sakhi Muhammad Darvesh's mausoleum is in Pandoki village where Urs celebrations are held every year on the death anniversary of Bulleh Shah. Bulleh Shah was educated by the famous Persian and Arabic scholar Maulana Murtaza Kasuri. He is said to have been a classmate of Syed Waris Shah, the author of the famous story "Heer Ranjha". Bulleh Shah did not get married and remained a virgin for the rest of his life. Similarly, he had a sister who did not get married and spent her entire life in meditation and remembrance. One of the leading Sufi saints of Punjab. In his works, Punjabi Sufism reached its peak. Sufism and Vedantic ideas are imbued in his poems. His real name was Abdullah, and was born in Pandok village of Kasur district of Lahore. After receiving primary education in Kasur under the supervision of Maulvi Gulam Murtaza, he went to Lahore and was acquainted with Shah Inayat Qadri Shattari. Later Shah Inayat appointed him as their caliph. His dargah is in Kasur where every year a fair is organized on Urs.

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