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1414 - 1492 | Herat, Afghanistan

A world-renowned poet of Sufi style.

A world-renowned poet of Sufi style.

Profile of Jami

Pen Name : 'Jami'

Real Name : Nooruddin Abdul-Rahman

Born :Khorasan

Died : Afghanistan

Born Mulla Nooruddin Abdul Rahman, Jami authored over 50 books, including 3 Diwans, 7 Love-stories, and Masnavis. He has versified so many motifs, that one is awestruck with the immensity of his imaginativeness. He has written mythological stories based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Written by him, Lawaahe and Tuhfat-ul-Ahrar are two books on mysticism regarded highly all over. The book is put beside Attar’s Mantiq-ul-Tair and Rumi’s Masnavi, based on its style of writing, use of language, and lofty thinking. Both these books had a special influence on Jami. He died poor and content. He had imbibed the Prophet's Al-Fakhr-ul-Faqiri teaching. His works abound in satire. Once he was going through something, and it read: “You are settling in my sleepless eyes and sad heart in such a way that I see your face in every person coming from faraway” At the same time someone asked, “Suppose a donkey shows up?” Jami replied, “I’ll still see ‘your’ face.” Important works: 1.Lawahe 2. Yusuf Zulaikha 3. Laila Majnun 4. Sulaiman Awzal

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