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Abr Shah Warsi

1901 - 1963 | Multan, Pakistan

Profile of Abr Shah Warsi

Pen Name : 'Abr'

Real Name : Allah Datta

Born :Jalandhar, Punjab

Died : 04 Jul 1963 | Punjab, Pakistan

Relatives : Bedam Shah Warsi (Disciple)

Abr Shah Warsi's real name was Allah Dutta. He lived in a town in Jalandhar city and pledged allegiance to Bedam Shah Warsi. When India and Pakistan divided, Abr migrated and settled in Multan. He died in Multan in 1963. He was buried there and a shrine was built. He had immense love and affection for Haji Waris Ali Shah. He also turned to poetry to express the spirit of love and the state of the heart. His poetry is found to be in the Punjabi language which consists of Naa'ts. Before the partition of India, his works were published as Abr-e-Karam, Abr-e-Bihar, and Abrar-e-Rehmat around 1943. After the emergence of Pakistan, his books were published under the titles of Abr-e-Baran, Abr-e-amal, Abr-e-Pakistan, Abr-e-Anwar, Abr-e-Kamal, Abr-e-Madina and Abr-e-Mohabbat.

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