Akbar Warsi Meerthi

- 1953 | Meerut, India

Profile of Akbar Warsi Meerthi

Pen Name : 'Akbar'

Real Name : Muhammad Akbar Khan

Born :Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Died : 01 May 1953

Relatives : Aashiq Ali Natiq (Master), Pir Ji Muhammad Ahmad (Master), Haji Waris Ali Shah (Disciple)

Akbar Warsi Meeruthi is an eminent Urdu language Naat poet. Akbar Warsi was born in Bajuli district of Meerut district. Apart from Urdu, he was also a scholar of Arabic and Persian. His Naats are free from fabrication and artifice. Akbar Warsi had sworn in allegiance to Hazrat Haji Syed Waris Ali Shah. Among his writings, the Naat Kalam Milad-e-Akbar became very popular. It begins with Hamd. After this, the virtues of Durood, etiquette and virtues of Mehfil Milad, the narration of Bilal bin Abi Rabah, the miracles of Quran, the sayings of non-Muslims about Muhammad bin Abdullah have been narrated, the Birth of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, peace be upon him, breastfeeding conditions, lullabies, swinging, sarapa, Naat in Arzu'i of Madinah There are related poems. After that the series of Manaqib begins. And there is a description of many saints in it. Akbar Warsi's circle of students was wide. Among his students is Hafeez Jalandhari, the creator of Shahnameh Islam and the national anthem of Pakistan. Akbar Warsi passed away on Wednesday, May 20, 1953 in Liaquatabad, Karachi and was buried in Mewa Shah Cemetery, Lyari.

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