Mubarak Hussain Mubarak

1851 - 1923 | Patna, India

Profile of Mubarak Hussain Mubarak

Pen Name : 'Mubarak'

Real Name : Mubarak Hussain Mubarak

Born :Patna, Bihar

Died : Bihar, India

Relatives : Shah Noor-ur-Rahman (Brother), Shah Akbar Danapuri (Master)

Mubarak Azimabadi was the the eldest son of Ibn Shah Taimullah Kakvi. He was born on 11 Safar-ul-Muzaffar 1269 AH in Shaistabad and was originally named Khairat Mahboob. His stayed mostly in Ludi Katra, Patna. He had great love and affection for his native Kako and spent a lavish and opulent life. He was also very interested in poetry and had the honor of being a student of Waheed Allahabadi. His writings are very pure and charming. Persian works too are eloquent and interesting. It is a pity that his works could not be published and were lost. In the end, he lost his sight. Mubarak Hussain Mubarak also used to hold poetry conferences. Sometimes he would join the gatherings of others and would be the central focus. Initially, he used to take correction from Waheed, later he sought amends from Hazrat Shah Akbar Danapuri. At the insistence of Mubarak Hussain Mubarak, Shah Akbar Danapuri had written a book, Khuda Ki Qudrat, which was published from Patna in 1305 AH. Mubarak passed away in Azimabad on 19 Jamadi Thani 1334 AH and was buried in the left side of Dargah of Hazrat Shahabuddin Pir Jag-jot.

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