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Shams Tabrez

1185 - 1248 | Tabriz, Iran

Profile of Shams Tabrez

Pen Name : 'Shams'

Born :Tabriz, East Azerbaijan

Died : Khoy, East Azerbaijan, Iran

Relatives : Rumi (Disciple)

Shams Tabrez was the spiritual Guru of Maulana Rumi. Rumi immortalized him by naming his Diwan Diwan-e-Shams, and his Guru’s inspiration in his writings is quite manifest. It is said that before going to Damascus, Shams imparted spiritual teachings to his dearest disciple Rumi for forty days in Konya. The story of Shams' first meeting with Rumi is very interesting. On 15 November 1244, a man wearing a black outfit entered Konya and got mixed with the merchants there. He was looking for something in Konya which was found only here, in the end he found Rumi, riding a horse. One day Rumi was reading something with a pile of books around him. Incidentally, Shams passed chanced upon him and asked Rumi, “what are you studying?”, Rumi replied, “what I am reading will not be understood by you.” Hearing this, Shams picked up an old and unique book and threw it in a water tank next to it. Rumi jumped out quickly and got out that book, but as he came out, he was much surprised when he saw that the book was completely dry and there was not a drop of water on it. When Rumi asked Shams about this strange phenomenon, Shams smiled and responded, “it will not be understood by you.” The love of this guru-disciple pair became a paragon. After spending a few years in Konya, Shams went to Khoya, eventually, surprisingly disappearing after a few years. Legend has it, that Rumi’s pupils were so envious of the bond between him and Shams that they conspired to get Shams killed. One of Sham’s major work is Maqalat-e- Shams Tabrezi, which contains his teachings.

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