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Agha Muhammad Daud

1832 - 1906 | Hyderabad, India

Profile of Agha Muhammad Daud

Pen Name : 'Sahv'

Real Name : Muhammad Daud

Born :Hyderabad, Telangana

Died : Telangana, India

Agha Muhammad Da'ood Ibn Agha Muhammad Haider Ibn Agha Muhammad Qadir was a spiritual figure of Hyderabad. His pe-name was Sahv. Sahv Hyderabadi was born in 1248 AH and died on 15 Rabi-ul-Awwal 1324 AH at the age of 67 years. His forefathers had a position and army during the reign of Qutb Shahi. In the early days of the Asifia Empire, in the ancient province of Barar, two Mauza Patel villages and Bhalki were his estates. In addition, two and a half hundred riders, two elephants with accessories were also conferred upon him by the state. When his state was consigned to the British government, his estate also became a part of it. His family name is Agha. He was attracted to Sufism from his childhood and was soft-spoken, kind-hearted and very hospitable. Sahw Hyderabadi used to preach people in his gatherings. He would quote the archives and letters of Akbar’s era and then explain it by giving an example so that the audience could easily understand. Sahv was also interested in poetry and also authored a complete divan. He has written poetry in both Urdu and Persian and has followed the style of Iranian poets.

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