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Ali Hussain Ashrafi

1850 - 1936 | Kachhauchha Sharif, India

Profile of Ali Hussain Ashrafi

Born Muhammad Ali Hussain on Monday 22 Rabi al-Thani 1266 AH in Kachhocha, he was popular by his pen-name Ashrafi and was addressed to as Ashrafi Miyan. He acquired religious learnings from Maulana Amanat Ali Kachuchhovi, Maulana Salamat Ali Gore Khapoori, and Maulana Qalandar Bakhsh Kachuchhovi. He pledged allegiance and caliphate in 1282 AH to your brother Akbar Hazrat Abu Muhammad Hussain Ashrafi Kachuchhovi. The Chishtia Ashrafia sect of Sufis reached new heights under him. Owning to Ashraf’s spiritual personality, eminent scholars and Sufis from Aden, Jeddah, Syria, Aleppo, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Arab countries pledged allegiance to him. After Ashrafi, no other elder like him has passed away in the Chishtia Ashrafia dynasty. He passed away on 11 Rajab al-Marjab 1355 AH. His shrine is a place of sacred reverence among his devotees.

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