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Khwaja Baqi Billah

1563 - 1603 | Delhi, India

Profile of Khwaja Baqi Billah

Real Name : Raziuddin Muhammad Baqi

Died : 01 Nov 1603 | Delhi, India

Khwaja Baqi Billah Muhammad Baqi is among the most revered saints of the Naqshbandi Order and a pupil of Mujaddid al-Fathani. His father's name is Qazi Abdul Salam Khilji Samarkandi Qureshi who was a well-known scholar of his time and a man of ecstasy, grace and perfection. Khwaja Baqi Billah was born in in 1563 in Kabul and got married there. The lineage of his grandfather goes back to Sheikh Omar Yaghistani who was the grandfather of Khwaja Obaidullah Ahrar. His grandmother was from Sadat. Some historians have mentioned his as lineage as a Syed while he was originally a Turk. He memorized the Qur'an at the age of eight. He studied under the famous Kabul cleric Muhammad Sadiq Halwai of that time and in a short time he became the vault of knowledge and gained lasting fame among the scholars of his time. He completed jurisprudence, hadis, commentary and other religious studies in Samarkand. Signs of dervishes like renunciation were evident on in his nature. For a long while, he set out in search of a perfect mentor. Finally, he reached the service of Ameer Abdullah Balkhi. After that he came to Delhi in search of Pir Kamil and stayed in the monastery of Sheikh Abdul Aziz with his son Sheikh Qutb-ul-Alam and engaged in divine remembrance. Then he reached Bukhara at the and learned the nuances of Naqshbandi Order from the disciple and caliph of Hazrat Khwaja Imkangi. Khwaja Muhammad Imkangi, after receiving an ominous sign, ordered him to migrate to India. So, on his orders, he came to Delhi, the capital of India, via Turkistan from Lahore, and took up permanent residence at Fort Ferozabad on the banks of the Yamuna River. Within five or six years of your visit, a revolution took place in the spiritual circles. Apart from the Imams and Shaykhs and the general Muslims, the emperors of the empire also began to join his circle of allegiance. He passed away on Saturday 29th November 1603 after prayers. The shrine of Khwaja Baqi Billah is located adjacent to the courtyard of the mosque in Feroz Shah Cemetery in Delhi.

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