Tahayyur Warsi

1858 | Gaya, India

Profile of Tahayyur Warsi

Pen Name : 'Tahayyur'

Real Name : Abdul Aad Shah

Born :Gaya, Bihar

Died : Uttar Pradesh, India

Syed Abdul'ad Shah is considered among the most famous Ahram-wearing poets of the Haji Waris Ali Shah Silsila. His pen-name was Tahaiyur, and was also known as Tahaiyur Shah Warsi. He was born in 1857 at a place called Shahu Begha. His original name was Mubarak Hussain Warsi. Haji Waris Ali named him Abdul'ad Shah. He received his early education from the Naqshbandi saint Maulana Fakhruddin Ahmad Wali and Hakim Badshah. Besides Persian and Urdu, he also learned Arabic. He was an Arabic and Persian poet, who has authored several books on Sufism and spirituality. Haji Waris Ali used to be very happy with his writings. At the request of Haji Sahib, he wrote the Masnavi "Saqi Nama" and was given the title of ‘Azali Shayar’, or Born-Poet, by his followers. Tahaiyur Shah Warsi's two books Ain-ul-Yaqeen and Zam-zama have been published in Urdu. He wrote mostly in Persian in Urdu, but more profusely in the former, and endeavored in all poetic genres.

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