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Dadu Dayal

1544 - 1603 | Ahmedabad, India

Profile of Dadu Dayal

Born :Ahmedabad, Gujrat

Died : Rajasthan, India

Twenty-six years before Kabir's death, a Brahmin named Lodiram found a child on the banks of the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad city, whom he raised and fostered, and the same child later became known as Sant Dadu Dayal. Sant Dadu Dayal Ji's Guru was Kabir's son Kamal Saheb. According to Pandit Sudhakar Dwivedi, Dayal was given the title of Dadu by Kamal Saheb. Dadu would address everyone as ‘Dada’, thus, Kamal Saheb named him Dadu. The lifetime of Dadu Dayal Ji’s was in the time of Emperor Akbar. He was born one year before Akbar was born and died two years before Akbar’s death. In Samvat 1642, it is said, that he met Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri. Akbar had asked him what is the nature, existence and color of God? To which Dadu Sahib gave this answer – Ishaq allah ki jaat hai, ishaq allah ka ang Ishaq allah ka vajud hai, ishaq allah ka rang The first 29 years of Dadu Dayal Ji are barely documented. But in Samvat 1630, he came to Sambhar and stayed here for 6 years. From there he went to Amber (the ancient capital of Jaipur), Jaipur, Marwar, Bikaner etc., finally settling in Narna which is about 20 miles from Jaipur. He took refuge at a mountain in Bharana, and left his mortal coil here only. There are 52 main sects of the Dadu creed. These are mainly located in Jaipur, in addition to Alwar, Marwar, Bikaner, Punjab and Gujarat. They also have an Math in Kashi. The heads of all the Mahants reside in Narna. Dadu-saints do not marry. Like Kabir Panthis, they do not wear tilak on the forehead and the neck girdle in the neck. After death, they are incinerated, but earlier they used to keep their dead on the bier and leave it in the forest so animals would feed on it. In his ‘Bani’, a collection of his spiritual teachings, words of many languages are found, which reflect Dadu Dayal’s linguistic mastery.

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