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Irfan Islampuri

1874 - 1953 | Islampur, India

Profile of Irfan Islampuri

Pen Name : 'Irfan'

Real Name : Ikramuddin Ahmad

Born :Islampur, Bihar

Died : Islampur, Bihar, India

Relatives : Dagh Dehlvi (Master), Sufi Maneri (Master)

Born Ikramuddin Ahmed in 1874, he wrote under the pen-name Irfan. He is a descendant of Hazrat Makhdoom Jahan Sheikh Sharafuddin Ahmad Yahya Muniri's cousin and Caliph Sheikh Shoaib Ferdowsi. His father's name was Majid Shah Moinuddin Ahmed and his native place was Sheikhpura Nalanda district. Irfan Islam was the grandson of Raees Chaudhry Zahoorul Haq Sahib of Islampur. His grandfather Chaudhry Zahoor-ul-Haq Sahib paid special attention to his education and training and received education and training from Hakim Maulana Syed Muhammad Rafiq Shahbaz Puri. He also benefited from the father of Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, Hakim Syed Abul Hassan Abul Alai. He was fond of poetry, but also had a strong disposition in nature, and took the correction of poetry from Hazrat Sufi Muniri, a student of Ghalib, and continued to acquire the benefits of formal poetry. Most of your contemporaries were students of Dagh, and even he was influenced a lot by Dagh. He had great devotion to his teacher Sufi Muniri. The eldest son of Hazrat Sufi Muniri pledged allegiance to Shah Abdul Qadir Islampuri. Since then, Sufism overwhelmed it. His poetry has the charm of word, wisdom, and Wahdat (Sufism). Wahdat-ul-Wujud and Wahdat-ul-Shuhud, which is the most important issue of Sufism, is found in the poems of Irfan Islampuri. He passed away in 1953 in Islampur, Nalanda district and was buried in the embrace of other Pir and Murshid.

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