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Kamaal Azimabadi

1873 - 1936 | Patna, India

Profile of Kamaal Azimabadi

Pen Name : 'Kamaal'

Real Name : Mahiuddin Ahmad

Born :Patna, Bihar

Died : Bihar, India

Kamaal Azimabadi, son of Syed Shah Mubarak Hussain Mubarak Azimabadi, Prime Minister of Azimabad (Patna) was the student of Waheed Allahabadi. The poet Bismil Azimabadi, who wrote, "Sar-faroshi Ki Tamanna ab humare dil mein hai", is the nephew of Kamal Azimabadi.

He was born on 5 Jamadi-ul-Awal 1290 AH in the house of Sheikh Ahmadullah Raees in Lodi Katra, Patna. Hi early education was supervised by his grandfather. Kamaal Azimabadi had a passion for poetry from the beginning. His real name was Mohiuddin Ahmed. His native place was Kaku district of Jahanabad. He received honorary training from his father Shah Mubarak Hussain Azimabadi's teacher Waheed Allahabadi and then started reciting poetry formally. He also used to go to poetry readings. Kamaal's Diwan was also compiled but it could not be printed and was ruined.

Kamaal Azimabadi was a man of great generosity and lived a life of luxury. He had no shortage of wealth. He was also given the title of Khan Bahadur by the British. The most elegant things used to adorn their house. Kamaal Azimabadi lived with a great reputation. In the end, he observed fasting and prayers and took to reclusion.

Kamaal Azimabadi passed away on 14 Ziqa'da 1335 AH in his house Lodi Katra and was buried in Astana of Hazrat Pir Jagjot.

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