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Safi Aurangabadi

1893 - 1954 | Hyderabad, India

Among the truly great poets of the Deccan.

Among the truly great poets of the Deccan.

Profile of Safi Aurangabadi

Pen Name : 'Safi'

Real Name : Bahauddin Siddiqi

Born : 01 Feb 1893 | Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Died : 01 Mar 1954 | Telangana, India

Safi Aurangabadi was a Sufi poet. His name was Bahauddin Siddiqui but his devotees used to add the first Hakeem word to his name. Thus he was called Hakim Muhammad Bahauddin Bahbood Ali Siddiqui. Born in Nawabpura, Safi Aurangabadi belonged to the Delhi school of poetry and he had a deep affinity for Dagh Dehlvi. The style of Dagh can be seen in his poems. Prince Hafiz Muhammad Muniruddin Zia Gurgani, Hakim Zuhoor Ahmad Zuhoor Dehlvi, Abdul Wali Frogh, and Raziuddin Hassan Kaifi were the teachers he studied from. Safi came to Hyderabad as a Sunni and settled here. At that time in Hyderabad, poems of Ahsanuddin Khan Bayan, Hafeez Dehlvi, Dagh Dehlvi, Jalil Manikpuri, Fani Badayuni, Zaman Kantori, Nazmat Tabatabai and famous poets of Hyderabad Faiz, Taufiq and Kaifi were popular. At that time, Raziuddin Hassan Kaifi was still alive, before whom he also knelt down. Some people believe that after a few days, Safi went beyond Kaifi in poetry. Thus Safi became known as the main poet of Hyderabad and his popularity became common among all classes. The sign of his popularity was that his words were recorded on the gramophone. Qawwals used to choose Safi's poems for their Qawwali performances. In 1954, Safi Aurangabadi passed away at the Ottoman Pharmacy in Hyderabad and was buried at Hazrat Sardar Baig Dargah. Three collections of ghazals of Safi Aurangabad are available: Paraganda, author Khwaja Shauq, Gulzar-e-Safi, and Firdaus-e-Safi, author Yaqeen Sahib etc. Apart from this, one of his works is also available which was compiled by Mahboob Ali Khan Akhgar in 2000. There is also a collection of his unpublished works which included Rubai, Qasida, Masnavi, poems, and Persian poems which was compiled by Muhammad Nooruddin Khan in 1993.

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