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Shah Kazim Qalandar

1745 - 1806 | Kakori, India

Sufi poet and the founder of Khanqah Kazmia, Kakori.

Sufi poet and the founder of Khanqah Kazmia, Kakori.

Profile of Shah Kazim Qalandar

Hazrat Shah Kazim Qalandar was the son of Shah Kashif Chishti. He was born on 17th Rajabul Marjjab 1158 AH in Kakori. He was very good-natured, strong-minded, high-spirited, wise and prudent, and bound by the Shari'ah. He read early books from Mulla Abdul Aziz Kakorvi and Mulla Hameed Uddin Kakorvi and later from Mulla Ghulam Yahya Bihari and Mulla Ahmadullah Sandelvi. At that time he had a penchant for the pursuit of the knowledge of Sufism. His forerunners and successors kept Sufi books in their study. Among the contemporaries, Shah Waliullah loved Muhaddis-e-Dehlvi's style of writing and his research. He was a very high ranking elder of the Qalandaria dynasty and possessed the rank of Qutbat Kabra and Wilayat-e-Azmi. Shah Kazim Qalandar is remembered as one of the most venerable Pirs of his order. His monastery plays a very important role in the history of Kazmia Kakori and even in Awadh. He was also a fine writer. Naghmat-ul-Asrar is well-known among his works, which is known as Sant Ras, which contains Hindi words, facts, and teachings. Apart from this, there are other compositions of yours. He died on 21st Rabiul Ukhra 1221 AH at the age of 62 years. Mazar Sharif is located in a beautiful dome in Khanqah Kazmia, Kakori."

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