Sufi Quotes

Find inspiration in brevity in this section that contains the known and unknown quotes by Sufi saints.

1213 -1289

Famous 12th Century poet and philosopher.

1145 -1220/21

Among the greatest Persian poets from Neshapur, he was also a noted writer and pharmacist.

1080 -1131/41

Considered one the greatest Persian poets and philosophers.

1414 -1492

A world-renowned poet of Sufi style.

1440 -1518

Prominent 15th century Sufi poet and saint, best known for his Dohas, considered the greatest poet of the Bhakti movement.

1142 -1236

Famous Indian Sufi Saint also known as Gharib Nawaz and Sultan-ul-Hind.

1250 -1320

Among the most celebrated Persian Sufi poets, and scholars of the 14th century.

1238 -1325

Revered Indian Sufi and the spiritual guide of Ameer Khusraw.

1207 -1273

Among the greatest Persian poets, author of Masnavi-e-Manavi, Fihi Ma Fihi and Diwan-e-Shams Tabrizi.

1184 -1292

Prominent Persian poet from Iran, famous for his prose in Gulistan and verse in Bustan.