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Abdul Quddoos Gangohi

1456 - 1537 | Gangoh, India

Profile of Abdul Quddoos Gangohi

Pen Name : 'Alakh Das'

Real Name : Abdul Quddoos

Born :Rudauli, Uttar Pradesh

Died : Gangoh, Uttar Pradesh, India

Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Gangohi is a well-known Sufi of the Chishtia order. His father's name was Muhammad Ismail. He was a follower and caliph of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Sheikh Aarif Ibn Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Haq. Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Gangohi has many works. His letters have been compiled by Maulana Khizr Badhan Jaupuri. He died in 945 AH in Gangoha and was buried there. He was an adept Hindi poet and wrote under the pen name "Alakh-Das".

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