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Aughat Shah Warsi

1874 - 1952 | Moradabad, India

Haji Waris Ali Shah's disciple and famous for his Sufi poetry

Haji Waris Ali Shah's disciple and famous for his Sufi poetry

Profile of Aughat Shah Warsi

Pen Name : 'Aughat'

Real Name : Badruddin

Born :Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

Died : 01 Sep 1952 | Uttar Pradesh, India

Relatives : Haji Waris Ali Shah (Disciple)

Aughat Shah Warsi was born on 8th Muharram 1291 AH in the house of Shah Shamsuddin Chishti Sabri in the Chaudhry family headed by Bachhrais of Muradabad district. His original name was Asghar, which was later changed to Badruddin. His parents died in his infancy. According to the will of Majid's father, he went to Dewa Sharif and took allegiance from Haji Syed Waris Ali Shah. After swearing his allegiance, he became settled in ihram and started living at his father's mausoleum and also did his Urs. Later, at the behest of Pir Murshid, Badruddin’s name was changed to Oghat Shah. Sheida Warsi, a researcher of the Warsia series and author of Hayat Waris, has counted him among the notable poets of Waris-e-Pak. Oghat’s writings have been published under the name of Kalam Faizan Warsi. The monastery of Oghat Shah Warsi is located in Bachhriyan, and the annual Urs is also celebrated with pomp. He died in 1372 AH in Patna and was buried in Muradabad district.

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