Meer Muhammad Bedar

1732 - 1793 | Delhi, India

Profile of Meer Muhammad Bedar

Pen Name : 'Bedar'

Real Name : Muhammad Ali

Born :Delhi

Died : Uttar Pradesh, India

Born Mir Muhammadi he wrote under the pen name Bedar. He lived in Arab Sarai Shahjahanabad. He was a contemporary of Mir and Sauda. By swearing allegiance to Khwaja Fakhruddin Chishti, he made the way of Chishtia a way of life and acquainted himself with dervishes. Since Khwaja Mir Dard was his teacher, the style of Mir Dard can be seen in his speech. His words contain all the qualities and characteristics that are found in the words of his contemporaries. He authored two Divans, and in Persian he took the counsel of Murtaza Aqli Beg Firaq. In the end of his life, he took the Caliphate and left Delhi for Agra and took his last breath there.

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