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Shah Mohsin Danapuri

1881 - 1945 | Danapur, India

Profile of Shah Mohsin Danapuri

Pen Name : 'Mohsin'

Real Name : Muhammad Mohsin

Born : 01 Apr 1881 | Patna, Bihar

Died : 01 Jan 1945 | Danapur, Bihar, India

Relatives : Shah Akbar Danapuri (Father), Hare Shah (Master), Shah Zafar Sajjad Danapuri (Son), Aasi Gayavi (Master), Wafa Akbarabadi (Master)

Hazrat Shah Mohsin Danapuri was born in his maternal home in Gorakhpur district of Patna on Monday, 17th Jumadis Sani, Monday 1298 AH, corresponding to 9th May 1881. His historical name is Khurshid Hasnain. He was very handsome and strong. Shah Mohsin Danapuri's father's name was Hazrat Shah Akbar Danapuri. He was a renowned elder of the subcontinent, author of many books, famous religious scholar and Sufi poet. His forefather, the great conqueror Maner, Imam Muhammad Taj Faqih came to Bihar from Mecca in 576 AH and fought with Raja Maner here.Shah Mohsin Danapuri's family holds a very high position in knowledge and practice and asceticism and piety. His grandfather Makhdoom Shah Sajjad Pak (died 1881) is a famous elder of his time. Shah Mohsin Danapuri started studying at the age of five. He was accompanied by his father. When he was a little older, he went to Madrasa Ahya-ul-Uloom, Allahabad and graduated from there. Shah Mohsin Danapuri had pledged allegiance to his father Hazrat Shah Akbar Danapuri in Naqshbandia Abulolaiya. He was also granted Caliphate on the first day. He had immense devotion to Khwaja Syed Bahauddin Naqshband and Syedna Amir Abulola. On 16 Sha'ban 1327 AH, he was elected the second Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Sajjadia Abulolaiya, Danapur and continued to perform his religious service for 37 years. At poetry, he was a natural. The mixture of Sufism and spiritual manifestation was prominent in his poetry and speech. He continued to take Islaah from his father Shah Akbar Danapuri.He founded the Ikhwan-ul-Safa in 1927, under which mushairas were also conducted and eminent personalities of India used to participate in mushairas. In 1919, a three-day All India Historical Mushaira was held at Dargah Patna in which Ahsan Marharvi, Sail Dehlvi, Dr. Mubarak Azimabadi and Hamid Azimabadi participated. His prominent works include: 1: Kulliyat-e-Mohsin (Manuscript Library Khanqah Sajjadia) 2: Faghan-e-Darwish (1939 Allahabad) 3: Burhan-ul-Aashiqeen (1931 edition Patna) He passed away on Sunday evening, 24 Muharram 1364 AH, corresponding to 9 January 1945. His holy shrine is located at Dargah Makhdoom Sajjad, Shahtoli Danapur in the district of Patna.

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