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Doha is a genre of Hindi poetry which is now become a prominent and popular genre of Urdu poetry as well. Dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries, Dohra and Do Pad are its other names.

1834 -1917

A distinguished Sufi poet associated with the Khanqah Rashidia, Jaunpur.

1253 -1325

Beloved disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya and clelebrated Sufi poet of Persian and Urdu. Also highly skilled in music, famous as Tuti-e-Hind.

1874 -1952

Haji Waris Ali Shah's disciple and famous for his Sufi poetry

1680 -1757

Famous Punjabi Sufi poet who still feels contemporary.

1440 -1518

Prominent 15th century Sufi poet and saint, best known for his Dohas, considered the greatest poet of the Bhakti movement.

1856 -1927

Famous Indian poet and father of Jan Nisar Akhtar.

1553 -1626

A fine poet of Persian who was equally adept at Sanskrit language, poetry, and astrology.

1548 -1628

A Muslim poet who was a follower of Lord Krishna, and wrote poems on Lord Shankar, the Ganges, and the festival of Holi.


A disciple of Sant Charan Das Ji. Her collection of works is published as 'Sahaj Prakash'.

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